CXN Design Antenna Tracker V1 2017

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A very nice and complete antenna tracker for the RangeVideo RVGS Groundstation.  

Designed to carry your VAS "IBCrazy" Style FPV Antennas (900mhz-1.2ghz) or smaller, Tracker controller, battery, receivers, diversity and video repeaters. On the sides you can install 2 large receivers, inside has space for a 3S 5200mAh lipo battery or smaller and your tracker controller. Fits the Circular Wireless 8dBi Patch antenna nicely. 

Tilt mountuses a standard size metal gear servo and ball bearings on the opposite side to reduce any friction.

Pan base uses a standard size metal gear servo with a geared system and (3) support wheels helps the tracker stability and pan rotation.
(spare gears included)

The bottom base accepts any tripod using the standard 1/4 -20 screw.

Comes professionally assembled. 

Metal gear servos INCLUDED
Works with many antenna tracker controllers out there.

Tripod not included.