RF Power Meter by ImmersionRC

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Sensitive and precise. The RF Power Meter takes the guesswork out of uplink and downlink power and antenna measurements. Calibrated on all bands used in RC modeling, from 35MHz through 5.8GHz

The ‘600mW’ transmitter installed on your FPV/UAV system, what does it really emit? The ‘2dBi Omni, coupled to it, does it really work as specified? These kinds of questions are often considered when theoretical range calculations don’t match reality, but answering these questions can be expensive, but not anymore with the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter.

Transmitter Testing

Connect via the supplied 30dB SMA attenuator to high power A/V transmitters, and the power output level is displayed directly on the integrated LCD display.
+/- 0.5dB accuracy even on the 5.8GHz band.

System Testing

Install in place of your A/V receiver, with the transmitter at fairly close range, and measure the power level that your receiver will see. This includes the Transmitter power level, connector losses, transmitter antenna gain, free space losses, and receiver antenna gain. Testing with a system on the ground is much safer than testing while airborne.

Antenna Testing

Connect to a directional antenna, and measure the actual radiation pattern.

Production/After Sales Service

Useful on a small production line, to confirm the output power of FPV/UAV equipment, and also as a tool to test returned equipment.


1 x RF Power Meter
1 x 30dB SMA Attenuator (Mini Circuits)
1 x Male to Male semi-rigid interconnect cable